Thursday, March 10, 2011


Boxes of cereal purchased = 28

Approximate total before discounts= $98

Total after discounts ( buy 4 get $6 off) and
($15 in internet coupons) = $41 out-of-pocket cost

Additional savings = 7 catalina coupons printed from
register for free 1 gallon milk on a future shopping trip

Overall expense (subtracting the value of the free
milk) = about $17 for 28 boxes of cereal (a variety)

Number of wonderful babies who slept through it all = 1

Number of super, polite cashiers who made this possible = 1

Number of slap-happy Mommies who are about to drift off to sleep
counting boxes of Cheerios instead of sheep = 1

1 comment:

  1. Way to be!!! Coupons are fantastic and that's not the Jewish part of me speaking. I have been saving at least 50% on every shopping order for years! As long as you will use the products and have space to put them in your home you're golden! Keep it up and track how much you save over a'll be shocked!